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Mead was one of the first alcoholic drinks to be brewed and drunk in Britain. Mead was fermented by eager teams of monks in the great monasteries – a practice that continued for centuries until the reformation and eventual dissolution of the monasteries. Mead fell out of fashion, the monasteries replaced by alehouses as centres of brewing. However, old Cornish recipes have been discovered and revived to give you a taste of historical charm.

Honey is the special ingredient of mead, allowing for a distinctive, summery taste. Grape juice is also added to create a delightful cocktail full of health and goodness. Cornish mead is served in two strengths: Mead Wine and Liqueur Mead of 14% and 17% respectively.

Mead is traditionally the drink of love. In ancient times, it was customary for newlyweds to partake in honey wine at their wedding and for a month afterwards – from which the term honeymoon is derived. Cornish mead today is still known as the ‘honeymoon drink’. As well as its health and energy-giving properties, mead is also claimed to be a potent aphrodisiac.

There are five fruit flavours to savour: Blackberry, Elderberry, Strawberry, Cherry and Peach are backed by a subtle hint of honey.

Cornish Mead Wine

Cornish Mead Wine. Combining a grape wine base with a smooth honey flavour gives Cornish Mead its distinctive taste. Cornish Mead is available in two strengths – Cornish Mead Wine @ 14% ABV and Cornish Mead Liqueur @ 17%ABV.

Cherry Mead

Smooth sweet wine full of rich cherry flavours. 17% abv.

Blackberry Mead

A rich deep colour with a subtle hint of honey and a ripe Blackberry aroma. Versatile, can be mixed with sparkling mineral water or lemonade served over ice for a refreshing summer drink or neat for the deep glow to comfort on a cold winters night. Can also be the base of a fantastic full strength mulled wine. 17% abv.

Strawberry Mead

Overflowing with a fresh Strawberry flavour and full of sunshine. Can be mixed into summery punches or poured over ice and mixed with sparkling mineral water. 17% abv

Elderberry Mead

A popular wine where the taste of honey and elderberry merge to create a truly special wine. 17% abv.

Cornish Mead Liqueur

A version of the Mead often known as the “Honeymoon Drink” produced from a grape base full of Honey flavour to a long established secret recipe. Fantastic with lemonade over ice. 17% abv.